St Johns Inflatable Rental


Inflatables are priced on a per-day basis.  The daily rate of each inflatable varies based on the inflatable. We do offer multi-day discounts for inflatables and can be booked directly online.

Yes, we deliver within 35 miles of World Golf Village.  If you are outside of our delivery area and need delivery please call us directly and we can create a custom order.

We request the inflatable be set on a grassy area free of debris and animal waste.  Each inflatable will be secured either by stakes or sandbags. If the inflatable is set up on grass we will be staking the units into the ground.  Jump St. Johns will not be liable for any underground repair. This includes water, septic, sewer, gas and electrical.


Yes, each rental will be required to sign a contract at the time of booking. We require at least one adult to supervise the inflatable when in use.

We do collect payment prior to delivery, but we take a 30% deposit to reserve the inflatable and the remaining amount is due 3 days before delivery. You of course have the option to pay in full at the time of checkout as well.

No shoes, clothing with buckles, zippers or chains. We do not allow food, drink, bubble gum, confetti, or silly string. Any damage to the unit, such as excessive silly string or actual damage such as a cut in the material will result in total repair cost or unit replacement.

A power outlet will need to be available. We supply a 50-foot extension cord. If an inflatable is over 100ft from electrical then a generator should be used as an alternate power source. Also, a water supply must be available for use with wet slides. Some units require two outlets to operate two blowers. Any water equipment will require the customer’s water hose to reach the inflatable unit.